Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act
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A Master Class In Screenwriting

For Hollywood and Beyond

The Screenplay Seminar for professional screenwriters who know how to write and for directors, producers and executives who know everything… or at least thought they did!

This rigorous Master Class on Storytelling in Film guarantees to challenge and inspire even the most experienced and cynical of industry professionals. Over one marathon day it:

  • unlocks the secrets to the Second Act, giving participants clear and practical tools they can use for their own projects;
  • focuses on heroes and their flaws, fears and needs that build their worlds;
  • combines worlds, plot and journeys to illustrate how to give your heroes one last chance to achieve their potential and inspire us all.

Slaying the Dragon guarantees to leave writers cheering (they have just seen the light) and producers and executives crying (they have just saved millions in development time and money).

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More Word of MouthSlaying the Dragon – Secrets of the Second Act seminar is hands-down the best, most elucidating, most pragmatically helpful, and most startlingly revelatory guide to movie screenwriting that I have ever had the good fortune to get talked into attending. Wow! I came away with my eyes propped Clockwork-Orange open with toothpicks of wonder and gratitude for having been force fed such powerful lessons in the craft and indeed science of movie screenplays. None of the other books, seminars, or courses hold a candle – in fact, a bonfire – to Lynda and Steve. PLEASE DO NOT GO – I really don’t want the competition.

Greg Small, Writer and former Senior V.P. of Production,
Gibraltar Entertainment.